Jefferson Patterson Park wedding

Below are some cool pics that were snapped from a wedding I performed at recently at Jefferson Patterson Park & Museum. What a great experience it was! Although it was outdoors on an incredibly hot that day, the venue was breathtaking. I was inside this beautifully rustic barn that housed a number of pieces of antique farming equipment. The bride and groom and their guests were extremely nice and their taste in music was right in my wheelhouse. You can also check out a review they gave me on my Customer Review Page at the bottom in the comments section.Thanks for the great review, Leslie!


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Joe Squared

Recently I DJ’ed alongside the exciting and super talented PBJamz @ Joe Squared. If you haven’t been to a PBJamz show, I highly recommend it. They do excellent live instrumental covers of rap and pop songs. If you haven’t been to Joe Squared, then you are missing out there too. Their pizza is ridiculously delicious and with more options than Missy’s shoe closet, you are bound to find a combo that will tickle your fancy. The pictures below are courtesy of Britt Olsen-Ecker, one of the PBJamz band members. Go there are check out her superb work.


IMG_1276 IMG_1270 IMG_1273

Nationals Park Wedding

Last night I went to Nationals Park for the first time, but it wasn’t to enjoy a game, it was to blow the place up. I had the pleasure of DJing a lovely couple’s wedding within the Lexus Presidents Club. Everything was really swank from the food and drinks, to the decor, and outstanding service. There is a great review of my work from this event on the Customer Review page from Lindsey Johnson. Thanks, Lindsey!!photo 1 photo 2 photo 3 photo 4 photo 5

Off season fun begins

Well, wedding season is over and that means it time to start doing more house parties and clubs!

On December 22nd, I’ll be playing at this local basement hot spot called The Pentagon for their “Rockin’ For The Future” Post-Mayan Apocalypse Party along with some great bands and an incredibly talented hip hop duo called AK Slaughter for whom I’m producing a club  track for. Hopefully, it’s finished and we can premiere it that night. Fingers crossed.

Come check this out, because I guarantee that I’m gonna make it sweaty, sweet, and a loud.